React Native for your enterprise app

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Customers Trust our Work

Though React Native is a relative newcomer to the cross-platform world, our clients and developers have embraced the framework as an easy-to-use, extensible, and low-cost platform for building robust mobile applications.

Some of the benefits we love about React Native are:

  • Javascript and node.js based. Allows for easier hiring / cross training of personnel.
  • Open-source with no cost for licensing. That means more resources can be spent where they should be - building your app.
  • Structure with Javascript bundles allows for the possibility of remote updates and A/B testing without an app-store update.
  • Creating and maintaining a design system/component library is easier and more maintainable with node, allowing for faster, more consistent UI development.

We’ve seen a lot of value to re-platforming to React Native, especially for our enterprise clients.

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