Training an aging workforce

Many believe that the fastest-growing segment in today's workforce is the Millennials. 

To many's surprise, there is an aging workforce that is much larger. This aging workforce expects flexibility, equal opportunities, and better access to training. This segment demands a deeper meaning in their work and looks to make societal impacts. 

Connecting with these principles can help solve many aging workforce issues by creating employer strategies utilizing prevalent and effective technologies.

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The impact of an aging workforce is twofold; older workers bring experience and understanding of the business landscape. They also tend to perform better and are adept at training an incoming workforce.

Technology up-skills your existing and incoming workforce, while helping employees adapt and succeed. Shockoe helps incorporate technology for the aging and incoming workforce.

  • Mobile Apps, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Voice are at the forefront.
  • Use Virtual Reality for Virtual Training to teach job basics at a lower cost per person.
  • Augmented Reality enables remote environments where experienced or remote workers support new employees.
  • Mobile Apps cut down on on boarding costs and increase facility productivity

Younger staff can act as the bridge to understand the benefits of technology and how to use it. Technology allows workers of all tenure the opportunity to build trusting relationships.

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