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Growing customer expectations, emergence and expansion of lower-price alternatives means leveraging the power of emerging technologies enables traditional retailers to offer a seamless omni-channel experience across different customer touchpoints such as mobile, website, social media, in-store POS systems, and more.

Additionally, the capabilities of these technologies can help brands implement innovative initiatives that can increase transparency and efficiency of operations to drive greater profits.

The purpose of any tech feature in a brand’s loyalty strategy should come from a deep understanding of their consumer base and built for their unique wants and needs, not for the sake of showcasing tech.

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How do you decide what emerging technology trends will fit best with your brand strategy? The solution is simple: look at your customers. Here are things that we found resonate with consumers:


85% of consumers stated they like personalized suggestions as a feature, even outshining the ability to make purchases in-app.

Customer Experience

Customers no longer base their loyalty on just price or product. Instead, they stay loyal with companies due to the experience they receive. Brands that excel at this do so because they have seamlessly melded the use of their emerging tech elements with other factors such as in-person experience & how the program aligns with overall brand messaging.


The biggest strength of emerging tech is that it helps to create an omnichannel experience for consumers, fulfilling their desire to immediately connect with a brand and seamlessly interact to save time, money, and energy. 


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